Space Cadet

An easy and intuitive way to figure out where your drive space is going

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Space Cadet is a very simplified, non-technical approach to help you determine which folders on your computer are taking up the most room. It provides a familiar design that is so simplified there's no need for a help file or a tutorial. While there are several products on the market that accomplish the same objective, they contain features the average person might not use or be interested in. In addition to its simplicity, Space Cadet is Fast!

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Folders are automatically sorted in the order of how much drive space they consume

Space Cadet main screen

When you dive into a sub-folder, the folder tree automatically expands to help you keep track of where you are

Space Cadet sub-folders

Right-clicking on a folder pops-up the standard Windows context menu for even greater flexibility and usability

Space Cadet Windows context menu

Save Time and Effort

Space Cadet makes it quick and easy to figure out where all your drive space is going. You can delete or move folders from inside Space Cadet without using Windows Explorer and any changes you do make in Windows Explorer will be taken into account by Space Cadet the next time you use it to access the drives or folders you made changes to.

Simple and Intuitive Design

If you've used Windows Explorer, you're already familiar with Space Cadet. We pride our software on being simple and intutive. Easy to understand messages explain things as you use the software, eliminating the need to read a manual or watch a video tutorial.

Timely Support

We get back to our customers Fast, providing quality support for product issues or questions. We also strive to make software better by making better software based on feedback and suggestions provided by our customers.

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