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AnyFile Desktop Search is a very simplified, non-technical desktop file search app that helps you quickly and easily locate files across multiple drives using a keyword-based search. It provides a design that is so simplified there's no need for a help file or a tutorial.

The built-in Windows search isn't the most intuitive nor simple, and it can be very complicated to use. While there are many desktop search apps available for the PC, most contain an over-abundance of features the average person might not understand nor need, not to mention some are quite technical in nature. Sometimes all you want to do is find something fast and with the least amount of effort. AnyFile Desktop Search is a clean, non-technical approach to finding files that does just that. The setup and configuration process is as simple as it gets, with next to zero configuration required.

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A search can take a few seconds or less, and the results are grouped by the folders the found files belong to. It doesn't matter what order you enter the keywords.

You can also specify more than one type of file to search for. In this example, we're finding any .mp3 or .jpg files that contain the keywords 'the who'. Some desktop

search apps won't return results if you specify more than one file type to find, but AnyFile will. You can search files names, folder names, or both at the same time.

AnyFile Desktop Search main screen

With just two mouse clicks, you can instantly exclude or include different drives to search, making for more efficient and accurate results.

Select drives to include in search

You can double-click or press the Enter key on a folder in the list and Windows Explorer will launch at that location.

AnyFile launch Explorer at a target folder.

You can double-click or press the Enter key on a file in the list the file will launch in its associated program.

AnyFile launch a file in its associated program.

If there are certain types of files you DON'T want included in the search results, you can specify which ones to permanently ignore in all searches.

AnyFile specify keywords and / or file types to exclude in searches.

You can configure which drives you want to permanently include or exclude.

AnyFile select which drives to load on app startup.

Save Time and Effort

AnyFile Desktop Search makes it quick and easy to locate files across multiple drives using a keyword-based approach, meaning you can use an exact phrase or any combination of keywords that might be in the file name(s) or even in the folder names.

Simple and Intuitive Design

We pride our software on being simple and intutive. Easy to understand messages explain things as you use the software, eliminating the need to read a manual or watch a video tutorial.

Timely Support

We get back to our customers Fast, providing quality support for product issues or questions. We also strive to make software better by making better software based on feedback and suggestions provided by our customers.

Great Value for the Low Price of $4.95

The licence for the major version you purchase is issued for life and never expires. Minor version updates are provided at no additional charge.

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